a.gain eDP display adapter kit

This is the kit that I use and sell on all my X330. Please refer to the soldering guide and brightness/display adjustments settings.

To fix Linux display on stock BIOS, patch the BIOS properly here or try the following kernel boot parameters:

video=LVDS-1:d video=DP-3:e

Otherwise, try this kernel patch.

Stock BIOS patches & Coreboot

Follow the guides here to patch the stock BIOS.

Installing the CMOS battery

For those who wants to install the CMOS battery with the added mSATA underneath the palmrest, refer to the following 2 pictures for installation. You can either install it in the miniPCIe slot or slot it right under the motherboard next to the speaker as shown in the 2nd picture. Refer to this video for removing the keyboard and installing the CMOS battery.

Installing stock mSATA

Cut the adapter board and use a double-sided tape to fix the M.2 card (AX200/AX210 etc) onto the adapter board.