X330 Pricing

Please refer to the general pricing list for other items. Please refer to the X330 page for more info on the mods.

Payment & Shipping information

This is a summary of prices. Please look at the detailed price list for more information.

All prices quoted here are in USD and is the price for PayPal payments which includes the 4.45% PayPal tax. All payments via PayPal must be sent in the SGD equivalent. Other forms of payments are accepted here:

PayPalAll prices in this page are for PayPal payments in USD
Sent in SGD equivalent due to this
TransferwiseA 4.45% discount will be applied as PayPal takes a percentage of the proceeds
CryptocurrencyOnly USDT is accepted. A 4.45% discount will be applied to all prices quoted here.

Shipping will be decided by the shipping agent that sends these packages out. Please indicate your choice of courier if possible, otherwise it will be decided by the shipping agent.

Full build mods

Full build includes the following mods as detailed here. A list of mods and features are listed below:

A list of mods and other peripherals that are not included are listed below:

Coreboot is offered optionally, but will require the purchase of a CH341a to recover from hardware bricks.

Full build pricing list

All the builds that are shipped out are in refurbished condition by default. There is also the non-refurb condition which may not be in the best condition physically. There are almost no new chassis out there for this machine anymore due to age unfortunately.

i7-3612QE (35W, 4C8T, only 35W quad-core CPU)$650
i7-3615QE (45W, 4C8T, fastest CPU)
i7-3540M (35W, 2C4T, fastest single-threaded CPU)
i7-3520M (2C4T, fastest stock CPU)
i7-3687U (17W, 2C4T, for good power saving)
i7-3689Y (13W, 2C4T, for the best power saving)
i5-3380M (35W, 2C4T, close to stock i7 speeds, stock CPU)
i5-3360M (35W, 2C4T, close to stock i7 speeds, stock CPU)
i5-3320M (35W, 2C4T, best value, stock CPU)$450

For more information on the different CPUs, please refer to this section on the CPUs.

The speaker mod, reinforced lid, external antenna mod and USB-C charging mod are an additional $25 each. Extra WiFi adapters will depend on the exact model of the WiFi card. The stock charger is $10.

Battery Shipping

As battery is considered sensitive material, shipping laptops with batteries costs extra and some countries does not allow private battery shipping (Russia for example). Thus, no CMOS battery is included in the shipment. The cost of battery shipping is $35 and the laptop can be shipped with up to 2 batteries.


As coreboot is a potentially a risky procedure, prebuilds with coreboot shipped are not encouraged. Coreboot can be preflashed but the CH341a must be purchased to recover from potential bricks.

Parts List

As modding the X330 requires both soldering and dremelling, individual parts can be provided to skip these 2 procedures.

All prices listed here includes cost of shipping and is via PayPal.

X330 top halfThe top half is suitable for those who wants to use other mod kits such as nitrocaster’s.
Your choice of display of either 16:10 13.3″ 2K or 16:9 13.3″ FHD panel.
X330 motherboard pre-solderedThe motherboard will be presoldered with the FHD/2K kit.Price of full machine minus $300 (i5-3320M is $150)
FHD 13.3″ 16:9 / 2K 13.3″ 16:10 kit including CNCed bezelSoldering has to be done personally. Soldering guide is in the software section.$75
2K 12.5″ kitSoldering has to be done personally. Soldering guide is in the software section.$60
Top half + adapter kitThis is suitable for those who lack the tools to dremel and build the 13.3″ top half but is able to solder the adapter kit.$245
Top half + motherboardThis is suitable for those who wants a full drop-in replacement. Only tool needed is a screwdriver and a pair of steady hands.Price of full machine minus $150 (top half + i5-3320M motherboard = $300)

RAM, SSD & Peripherals

All 2.5”/mSATA are Samsung PM851/PM871 OEM drives. All SODIMM RAM are Samsung/Crucial/SK Hynix OEM RAM sticks. Everything listed in this section does not include shipping. RAM and SSD are not for sale separately as they are sold at cost price.

128GB (2.5″ Samsung OEM)$25
256GB (2.5″ Samsung OEM)$40
512GB (2.5″ Samsung OEM)$75
1TB (2.5″ Samsung OEM)$160
4GB DDR3L 1866MHz$25
8GB DDR3L 1866MHz$40
USB-C to Lenovo barrelAdapts USB-C >60W PD to barrel plug$4
CH341a black SOIC-8 flasherConvenient SOIC-8 flasher. Provides 3.3v (NOT 5V) and is compatible with flashrom $7
ASM1042 Expresscard to USB3.0 dual port adapterASM1042 Expresscard to USB3.0 dual port adapter. Review here.$7
Expresscard to M.2 NVMe 2242Similar to ThinkMods. Offered here to save shipping cost. $20
Expresscard to M.2 key E WiFi 2230Not recommended for beginners. Require you to install your own internal antennas.$20

USB-C Chargers

As chargers are extremely important to electronics, all the chargers recommended here have been reviewed AND torn down for a thorough examination of the components. After-market, cheap Chinese/unbranded chargers are not recommended. Different plug types are listed here.

Plug typeItemDescriptionCost
USLenovo ThinkPlus Lipstick charger USB-C 65W US PlugThis charger is one of the smallest 65W USB-C chargers.
EUBaseus EU 65W chargerA EU plug alternative to the ThinkPlus charger.
EU/US/UKSharge 90W chargerSmallest 90W charger. Chinese made but fully reviewed. Recommended for larger laptops.$50