X2100 Pricing

5 April 2021 update: Temporary out of stock

Please refer to the general pricing list for more info on other prices. Please refer to the X2100 page for more information on the X2100.

Payment information

All prices quoted here are in USD and is the price for PayPal payments which includes the 4.45% PayPal tax. All payments via PayPal must be sent in the SGD equivalent. Other forms of payments are accepted here:

PayPalAll prices in this page are for PayPal payments in USD
Sent in SGD equivalent due to this
TransferwiseA 4.45% discount will be applied as PayPal takes a percentage of the proceeds
CryptocurrencyOnly USDT is accepted. A 4.45% discount will be applied to all prices quoted here.

Full Barebones Build

i7-10510u$1210 (including shipping)
i7-10710u$1360 (including shipping)
S variant chassisAdd $20 to the price
Chassis uses a new fan design. Fan is equivalent to the modified fan but is thinner to accommodate the thinner chassis.
Chassis has only mono speaker and is thinner than standard chassis.

Your choice of palmrest (touchpad or no touchpad) and WiFi.

A full breakdown of the 2 different CPUs is available here.

Full barebones builds consists of the 4 parts pictured above and other parts and accessories:

The cost of the full barebones build does not consist of the following:

  • SSD (M.2 NVMe / 2.5″ / mSATA 6gbps)
  • CMOS Battery (From X201/X200)
  • Battery (From X201/X201)

In short, the barebones unit is for those who wants to buy their own RAM, SSD and battery.

FHD display option

FHD with touchpad

Alternatively, the FHD 12.2″ 16:10 (stock-sized) matte display is available at $100 less. The 13″ panel is glossy while the 12.2″ FHD panel is the only factory matte panel available.

Battery shipping

The shipping does not include CMOS / laptop battery as battery shipping is more expensive. Some countries (notably Russia) also does not allow battery shipping. There’s typically a ~$40 more in shipping batteries and allows up to 2 batteries to be shipped.

Motherboard / Parts Purchase

As of 27 June, parts order is temporarily paused as there’s an overwhelming order for full builds.

RAM, SSD & Peripherals

All peripherals listed here does not include shipping. RAM / SSD can only be bought with the laptop as they are sold at cost price.

128GB (PM981a)$25
256GB (PM981a)$40
512GB (PM981a)$75
1TB (PM981a)$160
2TB (PM981a)$300
8GB DDR4 2666MHz$40
16GB DDR4 2666MHz$70
32GB DDR4 2666MHz$135

USB-C Chargers

As chargers are extremely important to electronics, all the chargers recommended here have been reviewed AND torn down for a thorough examination of the components. After-market, cheap Chinese/unbranded chargers are not recommended. Different plug types are listed here.

Plug typeItemDescriptionCost
EU/US/UKSharge 90W chargerSmallest 90W charger. Chinese made but fully reviewed. Recommended for larger laptops.$50