Pricing information

This is a summary of prices. Please look at the detailed price list (X330) (X2100) for more information.

All prices quoted here are in USD and is the price for PayPal payments which includes the 4.45% PayPal tax. Other forms of payments are accepted here:

PayPalAll prices in this page are for PayPal payments
TransferwiseA 4.45% discount will be applied as PayPal takes a percentage of the proceeds
CryptocurrencyOnly USDT is accepted. A 4.45% discount will be applied to all prices quoted here.


Full builds

Please refer to the X330 page for more information on what’s included. The base price included here are for barebones machine with no charger, RAM, SSD, CMOS battery, battery, and is in minimally A- condition.

i7-3520M (Stock CPU)
i5-3380M (stock CPU)
i5-3360M (stock CPU)
i5-3320M (Stock CPU)$450

X330 Parts

All prices listed here includes cost of shipping and is via PayPal.

X330 top halfThe top half is suitable for those who wants to use other mod kits such as nitrocaster’s.$180
X330 motherboard pre-solderedThe motherboard will be presoldered with the FHD/2K kit.Price of full machine minus $300 (i5-3320M is $150)
FHD 13.3″ kit including CNCed bezelSoldering has to be done personally. Soldering guide is in the software section.$65
2K 12.5″ kitSoldering has to be done personally. Soldering guide is in the software section.$50
Top half + adapter kitThis is suitable for those who lack the tools to dremel and build the 13.3″ top half but is able to solder the adapter kit.$235
Top half + motherboardThis is suitable for those who wants a full drop-in replacement. Only tool needed is a screwdriver and a pair of steady hands.Price of full machine minus $150 (top half + i5-3320M motherboard = $300)


Please refer to the X2100 page for more information.

Prices listed here are for full builds without RAM, SSD, CMOS battery. It comes with a 90W barrel charger, 13″ 3K thin-bezel display in a minimum A- chassis condition. It also comes with the choice of touchpad/no touchpad, WiFi (Intel AX200/7260AC) and extra ventilation. Price includes shipping.


T25 Frankenpad

Please refer to the T25 page for more info. Prices listed here are an excerpt of the full catalog, refer to the shop page for more info.

T25 frankenpad convertion base kit$400


All RAM and SSD are OEM, and will be lightly used as I test out everything before shipping. These items are not available to buy separately and can only be purchased with other items as these are at cost price. Prices are just a guide so please ask before confirming the prices.

All NVMe drives are the Samsung PM981a OEM drive and 2.5โ€/mSATA are all Samsung PM851/PM871. All SODIMM RAM are Samsung OEM RAM sticks.

4GB DDR3L 1866MHz$25
8GB DDR3L 1866MHz$40
8GB DDR4 2666MHz$40
16GB DDR4 2666MHz$70
32GB DDR4 2666MHz$135


Peripherals listed here does not include the price of shipping. Buying them with any full builds will not incur extra shipping but buying separately will incur extra shipping cost.

Lenovo ThinkPlus Lipstick charger USB-C 65WThis charger is one of the smallest 65W USB-C chargers in production right now.$30
USB-C to Lenovo barrelAdapts USB-C >60W PD to barrel plug$4
USB-C to Lenovo squareAdapts USB-C >60W PD to Lenovo square$4
CH341a black SOIC-8 flasherConvenient SOIC-8 flasher. Provides 3.3v and is compatible with flashrom $7

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  1. How can I buy one of your x2100? Iโ€™m sorry if this is stupid question. But I see no place to do so.

  2. How much would be just the 3d-printed parts for the T25 Frankenpad, including the M2 threaded inserts? I would need 2 sets with shipping to Austria.

  3. Good day.

    Didn’t find adapter kit. Want to replace old adapter from K.K. from Taobao.
    Is it possible?
    I use 12.5 Sharp 2560โ€‰ร—โ€‰1440 matrix. Just tired from 2 displays in screen menu and from lack of brightness controls when use BIOS with one screen setup.

    1. K.K. from Taobao does not offer 2K kits. The kit I offer supports the 12.5″ 2K Sharp display and will only show 1 display if you patch the BIOS. Drop me a DM for more info.

  4. Good day.

    Sorry. Found 2K 12.5โ€ณ kit. “Blind eyed” )
    So.. Other questions in previous comment are still in place.

  5. Hello,
    Will the X2100 motherboard ship to Hong Kong? Is there an option to buy a modded cooling heatsink? And is it possible to install the board into a X200 machine? Thanks.

  6. Is it possible to use the dockingstation or is the sacrificed by the screen enhancement?
    Furthermore what about the same question regarding the X3300 if it will come up?

    1. Docking station is not exactly sacrificed. Only the DVI-D port on the 4337 & 4338 (and equivalent) is sacrificed.

      The upcoming X230 motherboard will most likely not have the docking port on it. If it does, it’ll come in the form of the docking port header and will not have the port soldered on. USB-C is arguably superior in terms of docking abilities and will also not impede airflow.

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