T700 Part 2: Minor Progress Update

Prototype and Mass Production

The T700 motherboard had a busy few months of testing and prototyping. The main problems right now are the BIOS and the embedded controller (EC), which are both unable to initialise Thunderbolt 4. The original prototype had it’s EC damaged and a new prototype was built at the start of the month (pictured below). At current rates, production should start between May to June. The estimated timeline has also been revised. Stay tuned for more updates!

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justme 27 April 2022 Reply

My modded t430 is getting old thus I am thinking about buying a t700 and other options. One thing that I think you have never mentioned are docks. The original T6x docks (CS05 port) are not really interesting or feasible of course.

If I interpret the PCB pics correctly, there are no pads whatsoever for a port (they should be just below the 378720a on the top of the second picture for the original location), which is not really surprising but I would still like to hear your thoughts on this issue.
I have never looked at this for other replacement mainboards. I guess this issue has never been addressed, has it? Does everybody just use USB/TB docks?

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