Some Small Updates

X2100 BIOS Update

Hi everyone! The X2100 BIOS has been updated and the only change is the GPIO voltage for the Intel_HDA pin. The change from 3.3v to 1.8v should mitigate/eliminate EC issues with new motherboards (<100hrs of power up time). Huge thanks to jwise once again for his contributions.

The consolidated BIOS page is here and the GitHub repo is here.

Updated Payment Info

To make life easier for everyone, prices are now reflected in SGD (Singapore dollars), so no more weird conversion for invoices.

The payment methods and shipping info have also been updated and consolidated on a new page here.

I am also taking USDT as one of the two cryptocurrencies.

Privacy Focused Orders

For those who are privacy focused, I have begun taking XMR in addition to USDT. There will be an additional 5% surcharge on XMR orders due to fluctuating market prices.

To reach me via secure methods, contact me via PGP mail, Tutanota, via Signal and Session messenger. Please drop me an email in my main inbox in case I do not respond via the other messengers.

T700 Update

The T700 prototype is finalised and I’ll be receiving one in 1 to 2 weeks’ time. I’ll be posting a full review with benchmarks, compatibility and pictures. Stay tuned!


Brad 17 February 2022 Reply

Very eager to see the T700 as final. But even more excited to actually buy a modernized X230 board whenever they come out.

dnsglk 29 March 2022 Reply

Yeah, eager to see the overhauled x230 mobo!

J 24 February 2022 Reply

Couldn’t wait for an updated X230 motherboard, just bought a t430 instead. Hope to see some news on the X230 soon.

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