2021 March Updates


The last few months was a whirlwind. Chinese New Year took away a good one month of productivity. The X330 machines are updated with new BIOS and Coreboot support and the X2100 received a new updated batch of display cables.


The stock BIOS had issues with some Linux distros even with the patched LVDS. The problem was highlighted by a comment thread in a coreboot patch for the X330 FHD and this was turned into a patch for the stock BIOS as well. The new patched BIOS now lives on my page and my repo and anyone who runs the FHD patched X330 are welcomed to test it out. This should resolve all the display issues with this machine.

Coreboot was also updated with this patch. It now fully supports Windows and has full support for pretty much every OS out there. More info can be found on my page and my repo as well.


The X2100 delivery was pushed back further due to Chinese New Year. For those who don’t know, Chinese New Year takes up a good 1 month (early Feb to end of Feb) and many international couriers, suppliers etc do not work during this period. Some do, but not all.

I’ve updated the X2100 display cables before Chinese New Year and it was only delivered after the holidays. The original design caused screen tearing in CSM (BIOS) mode. The new cables (and a new batch of display) should resolve all of these issues with additional shielding.

In addition, I’ve ordered a lot of extra cables for future support. They will be priced at $20USD international shipping for existing customers. The entire build has only 2 proprietary parts: display cable and motherboard. This should enable much better serviceability and maintenance for years to come.

I expect the shipping of X2100 to be a lot faster now. The build went through a few iterations and it’s finally good enough for most people.


Michael P. 2 April 2021 Reply

Is there any way to contact you in regards to pricing? I am unsure of a few things.

Xue Yao 2 April 2021 Reply

Sure, drop me an email. Contact info is on the main page

Mel. B. 13 June 2021 Reply

Anyone tested the X2100 mod with Linux?

Xue Yao 13 June 2021 Reply

I’m personally using Arch. Works perfectly as do most other major distros.

Tomsun 14 June 2021 Reply

Is there a schedule about the upgraded X330 (11th gen cpus and nvme)? As i understood right it was the project for 2020?

Xue Yao 24 July 2021 Reply

Hi, still a WIP.

verynice 23 July 2021 Reply

Hello, I need a new display cable for x210, can you write me a mail?

Xue Yao 24 July 2021 Reply

Drop me an email instead please, thanks!

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