Christmas & New Year’s update

Hi everyone!


I’ll building most/if not all future X230 builds with the 16:10 2K panel now. These new displays similar to the IdeaPad S540-13 display and has similar brightness and colour to the XPS13 Sharp 13.3″ FHD panels. It is taller and has a higher resolution and in generl looks as good/if not better than the XPS13 panel. It also does not have CABC which some people may find annoying to look at.

I’ve also began work on a small native Linux programme to adjust brightness via fn keys. It’s based on the HID API provided by libusb. For those who are interested, check it out here. It’s GPL licensed so feel free to adapt it to a daemon/service/kernel module.


I’ve already shipped out more than half of the X2100 backorders and will be finishing up across the New Years. Thankfully (or not), China and most Asian countries don’t really celebrate Christmas/New Years so all shipments are as usual and not affected by the holiday season. Ping me if you need some update/changes to your orders.

Updated communication

I’ve updated the backend of this website so it’s a lot faster now. I’ve also registered a new tutanota account which you can see on the front page. It’s an extremely secure email server and if there are a lot more emails from it, I’ll be paying for a corporate account.

I also have Signal messenger for faster communication. Feel free to ping me for my number on Signal.

Thanks everyone and have a great Christmas and New Years!

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  1. Happy New Year! Look forward to getting the x2100. New X230 display sounds nice. Might have to take you up on one of those this year!

  2. Hi. I did send you and email and also i sent messenger mail to you. I’m interested for ordering also x330 from you. 🙂 waiting your reply to My email etc.

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