X2100: To everyone who preordered

The boards have arrived! The initial batch of i7-10510U motherboards has finally arrived.

Full build orders

To those who have ordered full builds, I’ll be contacting everyone one by one individually confirming the order and the address. Expect to hear from me within a week.

I’ll confirm 3 things:

  • If you want a touchpad (X201), or a non touchpad build (X200)
  • WiFi indicator light is confirmed not to work with AX200 (WiFi 6), so I’ll offer either the AX200 (WiFi 6, with no indicator light), or 7260AC (WiFi 5, with indicator light)
  • Extra ventilation holes pictured below:

I’ll begin shipping as soon as first/second week of June. Shipping is mostly first come first serve order.

Parts orders

For those who have ordered parts, I’ll do a full test of all the parts before shipment (4hrs stress-test and compatibility with every part). I’ll begin shipping with the same timeline as the full builds.

Performance benchmarks

I’ve written a new post on the performance benchmarks on both boards. Check it out here.


Christian 5 June 2020 Reply

In a thread on 51nb.com¹, someone mention the board takes DDR4 2400, 2666 and 3200. On reddit² you mentioned it only takes DDR4 2400MHz. Did you have a chance to try compatibility?


Xue Yao 5 June 2020 Reply

It absolutely supports 2666. Samsung 2666 RAM works very well

balsoft 6 June 2020 Reply

What’s the Linux compat? Does everything work out of the box on latest-ish kernels?

Xue Yao 6 June 2020 Reply

Gonna try it out soon. Shouldn’t be a problem since windows works OOTB without any special driver or tweaks

Christian 11 June 2020 Reply

Will (or can) the extra ventilation holes be covered on the inside by some kind of grill like the nine holes? I live with a few cats and there’s no shortage of cat hair in the air.

Xue Yao 12 June 2020 Reply

You can try installing a mesh in

c 23 November 2020 Reply

This is awesome!
Do you sell x2100 fully assembled? aka slide in 9 cell battery, hit the power button and it boots to bios? Thanks!

Xue Yao 24 November 2020 Reply

Yea for sure. Check the orders page

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