X2100 April update

Hi everyone! The X2100 has already finished producing the first batch (production will continue and be done shortly) and is at the factory undergoing QC. Hope has already received his and I’m waiting for mine to arrive in a few days. I’ve attached a few pics of the assembled laptop by Hope (from the above link) and a complete motherboard shot. I’ve also began ordering the parts for the laptop and so far, everything seems to be going alright. If everything goes well, I should be able to begin shipping in about 2 weeks’ time. Those who did not order the fully assembled laptop along with some others will receive their builds first.

As per last update, I’ll be DMing/emailing/PMing everyone on their order to finalise and clarify anything after I began receiving the motherboards. I’ll definitely post about the entire X2100 build log as well as a lot more pics and installion info.

Regarding X2100 software and BIOS/EC support, I’ll be populating the X2100 page shortly with all the relevant information and download links (including mirrors for everyone around the world). I’ll also be gathering as much resources and information on the X2100 as possible for those tinkerers out there including eGPU support, coreboot etc.

In other news, I’ll also be updating the other pages in this website and add a shop page if possible. I’ve not been updating this regularly as I was really busy the past few months but I’m back and will be clearing whatever backlogs there are. I’ll also look into setting up a mastodon page and a Twitter page.

Thanks for reading everyone!


David 14 May 2020 Reply


You sent me here from redit.

How much is the motherboard for the x2100?

Billy 17 May 2020 Reply

Glad to hear that. Thanks for the updates.

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