March updates!

Hi everyone, it’s been a while so here’s some good news and updates.


First, COVID-19 situation (since it affects everything). The situation has drastically improved in China (second-hand anecdotal account from my family) and businesses are all resuming. Shenzhen’s HuaQiang Road (largest electronics market) and Beijing’s Zhongguancun (another super big electronics market) have all resumed. Situation according to official news has also recovered dramatically and lots of cities (including mine) aren’t on lockdown anymore. All domestic and international shipping has resumed in China and businesses are as usual for most industries.


The X2100 is in production. It’s slated to finish by April 8th if all goes well (nothing wrong as far as I know). Official statement from 51nb also says an early April release. All in all, I should see the motherboard delivered to my place by April and I’ll begin assembly.


For assembly, I’ll assemble the laptop and stress test the machine for at least 4hrs to ensure stability before shipping. Temperature will also be monitored to ensure it’s stable (~80C is pretty good). I’ll be applying Artic MX-4 paste but I will not be doing any undervolting or other fine tuning in the BIOS/OS to increase performance. This could be potentially dangerous and I’ll leave it to you guys to tinker.

Chassis condition

The chassis I’ve picked out are all in very good quality with with little to no wear. It’s difficult to find brand-new chassis (they’re ridiculously expensive) and they might also be counterfeit.

WiFi situation

As stated in the invoice I’ve sent, the WiFi will be either Intel AX200(M.2) or 7260AC(miniPCIe). This is because the 3rd/2nd batches WiFi indicator light does not light up with an AX200(and some other M.2). WiFi works as per usual for both cards and functionality is not compromised at all. Once I can confirm that the indicator light does not work, I’ll send out an email about the choice of WiFi card. I’ll install the AX200 by default if the indicator light works. If anybody wish to install a broadcom card for hackintosh compatibility, please PM me.

Other orders

For other orders, shipping has fully resumed.

Combating the virus

As a small effort to combat the virus, I’ll be including 10 surgical masks in every order (that has a big enough physical box to accommodate the masks). I’ll be ordering 700 masks to include in every X2100 order and all future orders (at least until I run out of masks). Please stay safe everyone and stay home if possible. I’ve had personal experiences from my family and first hand experience in Singapore experiencing this virus. Please take all safety precautions and arrange to work if possible.

That’s all folks. I hope everyone stays safe and keep healthy during this crisis. Thanks for reading!

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Michael 26 March 2020 Reply

Thanks for the update!

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