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TLDR: All shipping is delayed until the 17th of February 2020 for now. More info will be up this is an ongoing situation


For those who pre-ordered the X2100, be rest assured that until 51nb officially confirms any cancellation, it WILL CONTINUE as usual with an estimated timeline between April to June since everything’s delayed. Everything else is also pushed back since I have no access to international shipping at all.


“Just like Resident Evil!” – My uncle

For those not in the loop, here are some articles for context:

In short, it ain’t looking good for now. Most major Chinese cities are under strict quarantine and lots of domestic couriers are unavailable. All my sources and parts are from mainland China, and most of it is from Shenzhen, the biggest electronics market here. Personally, I never expected this to happen, given that the quarantine happened over the course of 3 days or so without any warnings.

The 30th of January (in my city) marked the beginning of the end. Cities were told to close down inter-provincial highways, airports and restrict movements within the city. Soon, it extended to the neighbourhoods. Lots of harrowing stories of how people aren’t allowed out of their houses, and lots of it are true. My own family is basically locked at home and only allowed out once every other day: to get food and essentials. They were issued a small card to record down their movements in and out of their neighbourhood and are required to take their temperatures every time they pass the guards. All motor vehicles were also restricted since yesterday. Nobody was allowed onto the road without prior permission (or on Government business) and every traffic light was red. For those who don’t know or don’t realise, China has 1.4 BILLION people, which is absolutely insane since literally every street is empty. Picture the busiest street in your city, but completely deserted. For now, everyone I know is safe, so that’s heartening 🙂 The 2 pictures above are actual scenes of my city taken by my uncle, where streets are blocked and tents are erected for temperature checks and movement registration.

Business affected…

Click the articles above I linked to see how business is thoroughly affected by this virus. Domestic couriers has basically ceased operations in most cities and international couriers are forced to shutter until at least the 17th. International flights are mostly suspended and cargo flights are reduced. Chinese New Year holiday was supposed to end about 10 days ago, meaning business as usual for everyone, but nobody has gone back to work and the government has blocked businesses from resuming. It’s literally against the law to resume work. The general atmosphere of the Chinese people is between a sense of dread and longing; a long-deserved break but a lack of income for most people. My family has been sleeping literally 24/7 and it’s a meme in China now that to sleep is to contribute to fighting the virus.


Thanks for reading until the end. I reckon writing these things out on a proper wordpress site looks infinitely more professional than on FB. I don’t have a degree in English so forgive me for poor writing. This will be my official website from now on, and I’ll be updating it periodically. I’ll also be posting all the info, downloads etc onto this page for everyone to read about. This website isn’t exactly very well secured or well coded since I’m absolutely helpless at websites, so there won’t be anything confidential communicated through this page. Continue hitting me up on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and email and I’ll reply you promptly.


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Thank you for the updates! Please, stay safe out there, the laptops can wait!

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